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Faculty of Science - Matematik Bölümü

Our department was established in 2012-2013 academic year.
Qualification Awarded
Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics is awarded. As "Mathematician", they can be employed in various public and private sector organizations, in universities and research institutions. Those interested in scientific Research may continue postgraduate programs at universities.
Level of Qualification (Short Cycle , First Cycle , Second Cycle, Third Cycle)
I Cycle (Bachelor)
Specific Admission Requirements
Students may be accepted from institutions whose equivalance is accepted by Council of Higher Education. Graduates of Vocational Schools who succeed in the vertical transfer examination can also be admitted to continue their education in order to obtain a bachelor's degree. Courses that will be taken by these students are determined by considering the courses they have achieved in the vocational high school that they have previously graduated. The recognition of previous non-formal and formal education in higher education institutions in Turkey is still in its infancy. Erzurum Technical University and therefore the department is no exception to this situation. However, in order to test the English proficiency, exams are held every semester, and by this way previous foreign language education is recognized. Students may be exempt from these courses in the curriculum if they pass the relevant exams
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)
As described in the Erzurum Technical University Training and Examination Regulations, students must be successful and pass all courses including graduation project and internship.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
It is the top of the social responsibility-oriented, critical thinking, abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis, which is based on advanced, ethical values, questioning, researching, producing and solving problems, producing and applying knowledge in the profession related fields, developing research skills, is to educate students who have level skills, who can make observations, questioning, thinking analytically, producing solutions and making decisions, and using all the possibilities of technology. By equipping their students with a strong mathematical background, they will train qualified staff to solve problems related to mathematics in the future. In this direction, it is to seek answers to theoretical and practical problems that are developing, renewing, closely following the science and technology together with the instructors and students.
Profile of The Programme
Department of Mathematics graduates can be taking professinal role state and private sector. The Ministry of National Education, State and Foundation Universities (Academician), Military Academies and Military High Schools, State Institute of Statistics, Public and Private Sector Banks can be listed as important from these institutions. Graduates will play an important role in educating future generations and in developing the country.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Students who have successfully completed the program can apply to graduate programs in their own field or in related fields.
Access to Further Studies
Examinations and Assessment of Success 1. Exams; Short exams, midterm exams, final exam, single course exams, additional exams, make-up exams, exemption exams and compensation exams. These exams may be written, oral, or both written, oral and / or practical. 2. The final examination period is at least two (2) lesson hours, and the interim examination is at least one (1) lesson hour. In examinations that are conducted as short-term exams and multiple-choice, blank-filled examinations, the duration of the exam is determined by the relevant instructor. 3. It is at the discretion of the faculty member who gives lessons on the raw note lesson and the average of homeworks and short exams. 4. Students whose raw achievement scores are below AL are considered as unsuccessful and evaluated with an FF grade. A student who receives one of the grades AA, BA, BB, CB and CC is deemed to have completed the course. The DC and DD grades received at a derter are evaluated based on the student's graduation WGPA(Weighted Grade Point Average ). 5. Students who have completed all courses at the end of the semester and who have not achieved any disciplinary penalty, WGPA between 3.00-3.49 semester students; Those between the dates of 3.50-4.00 are considered to be high honor students.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Erzurum Technical University Science Faculty Mathematics Department provides graduates with a total credit hour of 150 ± 30 or a European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) minimum of 240 ECTS, excluding common compulsory courses, on a four-year program. Students who have graduated but whose WGPAs are lower than 2.00 can not graduate.
Graduation Requirements
Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )
Address, Programme Director or Equivalent
Adress: Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen Mah. Havaalanı Yolu Cad. No:53 Yakutiye/Erzurum

Program Outputs

Faculty Working Mode
1 Blending, adopting and comprehending wide variety of mathematical concepts and principles.
2 To understand and become aware of the issues to be effective in mathematics on other disciplines.
3 To gain basic knowledges about other disciplines.
4 Self-studying and to have knowledge about problem solving and theorem-proving in various environments.
5 To ensure development mathematical and numerical computation capabilities.
6 To research accurate and reliable theoretic and applied research.
7 To use mathematical-oriented computer programme.
8 Interacting with people from other disciplines, developing working skills in a team.
9 To have personality that is respectful for professional and academic ethics values
10 To interpret the theoretical knowledges and obtain appropriate results.
11 To read and interpret primary sources.
12 To gain personal responsibility.
13 To use Matematical thought in the whole area of the life
14 To apply mathematical principles to real world problems
15 To gain interaction through written and oral reports and presentation and to gain the ability to communicate.
16 Making a research at the national and international level with the independent way in the post-graduate subjects of the mathematics, to do paper on common subjects

Course Structure Diagram with Credits

T:Theoretical U:Practice L:Laboratory K:Credit

1 .Semester

Course Code Course Title T U L KECTS
MAT-101 Analysis I 4 2 0 5.0010.00
MAT-102 Analytic Geometry I 3 0 0 3.005.00
MAT-105 Discrete Mathematics 3 0 0 3.005.00
UOZ-YD1 Foreign Language I 2 0 0 2.002.00
FİZ-101 Physics I 3 0 0 3.006.00
UOZ-TD1 Turkish Language I 2 0 0 2.002.00
Total 17 2 0 1830

2 .Semester

Course Code Course Title T U L KECTS
MAT-100 Analysis II 4 2 0 5.0010.00
MAT-102 Analytic Geometry II 3 0 0 3.005.00
MAT-104 Basic Computer Applications 2 2 0 3.005.00
UOZ-YD2 Foreign Language II 2 0 0 2.002.00
FİZ-102 Physics II 3 0 0 3.006.00
UOZ-TD2 Turkish Language-II 2 0 0 2.002.00
Total 16 4 0 1830

3 .Semester

Course Code Course Title T U L KECTS
MAT-207 Possibility 3 0 0 3.004.00
MAT-201 Analysis III 5 0 0 5.0010.00
UOZ-TA1 Ataturk's Principles and History of Revolution I 2 0 0 2.002.00
MAT-203 Differential Equations I 4 0 0 4.007.00
MAT-205 Linear Algebra I 4 0 0 4.007.00
Total 18 0 0 1830

4 .Semester

Course Code Course Title T U L KECTS
MAT-200 Analysis IV 5 0 0 5.0010.00
MAT-202 Differential Equations II 4 0 0 4.007.00
MAT-204 Linear Algebra II 4 0 0 4.007.00
MAT-206 Statistics 3 0 0 3.004.00
UOZ-TA2 Ataturk's Principles and History of Revolution II 2 0 0 2.002.00
Total 18 0 0 1830

5 .Semester

Course Code Course Title T U L KECTS
MAT-303 Abstract Algebra I 3 0 0 3.005.00
MAT-301 Complex Analysis I 4 0 0 4.007.00
SEC-303 Departmental Elective Course-5 3 0 0 3.000.00
MAT-305 General Topology 4 0 0 4.006.00
Total 14 0 0 1418

6 .Semester

Course Code Course Title T U L KECTS
MAT-304 Differential Geometry 4 0 0 4.006.00
MAT-302 Abstract Algebra II 3 0 0 3.005.00
MAT-300 Complex Analysis II 4 0 0 4.007.00
SEC-304 Departmental Elective Course-6 3 0 0 3.000.00
Total 14 0 0 1418

7 .Semester

Course Code Course Title T U L KECTS
SEC-405 Departmental Elective Course-7 3 0 0 3.000.00
MAT-401 Functional Analysis 4 0 0 4.007.00
MAT-403 Thesis 0 2 0 1.005.00
Total 7 2 0 812

8 .Semester

Course Code Course Title T U L KECTS
SEC-406 Departmental Elective Course-8 3 0 0 3.000.00
MAT-400 Numerical Analysis 4 0 0 4.007.00
MAT-402 Thesis 0 2 0 1.005.00
Total 7 2 0 812


İŞL-363 Entrepreneurship and SME 3 0 0 4.00
MAT-307 computer Programming 3 0 0 6.00
İKT-322 Girişimcilik, Bilgi ve İnovasyon Ekonomisi 3 0 0 5.00
MAT-310 Topology 3 0 0 6.00
MAT-312 Professional English 3 0 0 6.00
MAT-408 Fourier Analysis 3 0 0 6.00
MAT-410 History of Mathematics 3 0 0 6.00
MAT-414 Encryption Theory 3 0 0 6.00
MAT-405 Partial Differential Equations 3 0 0 7.00
MAT-407 Tensor Analysis 3 0 0 7.00
SEÇ-405 Matematikte Güncel Konular 3 0 0 7.00
İKT-322 Girişimcilik, Bilgi ve İnovasyon Ekonomisi 3 0 0 5.00
MAT-310 Topology 3 0 0 6.00
MAT-312 Professional English 3 0 0 6.00
MAT-408 Fourier Analysis 3 0 0 6.00
MAT-410 History of Mathematics 3 0 0 6.00
MAT-414 Encryption Theory 3 0 0 6.00