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LLP/ERASMUS Student Placement

The aims of Erasmus student mobility for traineeships:

to help students to adapt to the requirements of the EU-wide labour market;

to enable students to develop specific skills including language skills;

to improve the understanding of the economic and social culture of the country concerned in the context of acquiring work experience;

to promote cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises;

to contribute to the development of a pool of well-qualified, open-minded and internationally experienced young people as future professionals.


In order to make an internship / traineeship application within Erasmus Programme, the CGPA should be at least 2.20/4.00 for undergraduate students and at least 2.50/4.00 for graduate students.

In order to apply for the student placement activity, a document of acceptance from the institution where the placement will take place, should be submitted to Erzurum Technical University Interational Cooperations Office. This document can either be the original acceptance letter or the scanned copy of it.

The acceptance letter should be signed, stamped and written on a headed paper and include:

 - dates & subject of the internship

- name of the institution where the placement will take place

- name and function of the person who signs the letter.


In the student selection process, overall point is calculated by adding together 55 % of the CGPA and 45 % of English Proficiency Exam.

Erzurum Technical University yet does not have specific partners for this activity and students are supposed to arrange the institutions for a possible internship on their own. However, guidance can be provided by International Cooperations Office. The activity period should stand within the 12 months time of September 1st of the current year - the September 30th of the next year.

Except from Erasmus+ Programme, the internship programmes are conducted on departmental-basis. The students are expected to receive the necessary information from the department that they are registered.