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Student Associations

Erzurum Technical University carries out numerous activities that both encourage and support participation in student activities and cultural, social organizations that contribute to the development of the students. Student associations in ETU are created on the basis of the student and community needs and interests that are also related to the students needs. The main purpose of founding these associations is to contribute to the personal development of the students along with the academic skills. They continuously try to improve the quality and quantity of its social and cultural activities. There are 16 student clubs, which are active in many diverse fields of interest. ETU provides facilities and funding for the student clubs for their activities. Their names are as follow:


1-      Erasmus Club

2-      Civil Engineers

3-      Robotic

4-      Thought and Philosophy

5-      Turkology

6-      History

7-      Youth Club

8-      Young Entrepreneurs

9-      Winter Sports

10-   IASTE

11-   Chess

12-   Environment, Nature and Travel

13-   Bigem

14-   Oku/Yorum


16-   Genaktüel