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Information on the City

Information on the City

Erzurum is the biggest city of the Eastern Anatolian Region and is also a very ancient settlement place. As the city is established at the skirts of Palandöken Mountain, the city had gained great importance in the field of winter tourism during the recent years.

Erzurum houses numerous historically rich works of art and therefore the city is like a cultural center having the major potential for tourism.

Its traffic number plate and telephone codes are 25, 442 respectively.


Places to Visit

Erzurum can be compared with a Barcelona or Rome any day by sheer dint of its architectural splendors. The city lanes and street resemble veritable museums with magnificent edifices like the colossal Aziziye monument, which commemorates the remnants of architecture from the Seljuk Turk period. The most notable Seljuk architecture is the Çifte Minareli Medrese, or theological college built by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat in 1253, resplendent in its exquisite stone carvings. Its a two-tier design along with a vast courtyard and the spectacular double minarets and is regarded by many as the most perfect specimen. It is the largest theology school in Anatolia. Other striking Seljuk creations in concrete are the atypical 12th century Ulu Mosque with its seven naves and innumerable columns and the 13th-century Hatuniye Türbesi, a mausoleum built in the memory of Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat`s daughter. The legendary Turkish architect Mimar Sinan`s creation, the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque is a site that definitely merits a visit as does the 13th-century Yakutiye Medrese with its opulently tiled minaret and a lovely portal. The Üç Kümbetler (in English translated as ''Three peaks'') is a group of three tombs, the most notable of which is that of Emir Saltuk, the founder of Saltuklu State. This double-layered tomb site holds a special place amidst all other tombs by virtue of the varied construction designs and embellishments used here.

The Erzurum Castle, the citadel and Bell Tower, the Rüstem Pasa Caravanserai and the Bedesten are some historical places of importance in Erzurum. The Erzurum Castle lies on the ancient and legendary silk route of Horasan - Pasinler - Erzurum and is believed to be built by the Byzantines during the 5th century A.D.

The Watch Tower, within the castle premises, is actually a minaret of a small mosque housed within the Erzurum Castle. Constructed atop a hill, the tower, also known as Tray Minaret and Tower, is a dominant fixture in the Erzurum skyline.

The Rüstem Pasha Bedesten was constructed by the Grand Vizier of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Rüstem Pasa. It is a two-storied Ottoman-styled building, currently housing a shopping complex. The Çobadede Bridge over the Aras River is considered an architectural marvel of the Anatolia region. Built by the Vizier Emir Çoban Salduz of Ilhans in 1297 - 98, this bridge comprises seven huge arches.

The Yakutiye Theology School, constructed by Hoca Celaleddin Yakut in 1310 B.C. is one of the intermittent structures of the Ilhanli Period that have survived till date. Right at the centre of the city is the Owshank Church. Erzurum also serves as the base to explore the nearby Georgian churches in the Kaçkar Mountains and Dogubayazit nestled amidst jagged peaks of Mount Ararat.

Erzurum Thermal Springs

Pasinler Thermal Resort

Location: Pasinler, 40km east of Erzurum in Eastern Anatolia.

Transportation: Transport to Erzurum is easy by bus or air. Pasinler is on the main international highway to the Iranian border.

Water temperature: 39°C - 45°C

pH value: 6.5

Physical and chemical properties: Bicarbonate, chlorine, sodium and carbon dioxide and mildly radioactive.

Recommended: Applications drinking and bathing

Helps to heal: Rheumatism, mental and muscular fatigue, nervous disorders, joint pain and calcium deposits.

Accommodation: There are better options in Erzurum.


Ornithology Areas

Eastern Blacksea Mountain

Eastern Black Sea And Çoruh Basins

Akkuş Island

City: Ordu 

Provinces: Perşembe 

Surface Area: 2

Altitude: 0 - 20 m

Protection: N/A 

Bird Species: It gains important bird areas status with tepeli karabatak (90 pairs) population. 

Main Characteristics: rocky coastal islands

 Eastern Black Sea Mountains

 City: Trabzon, Gümüşhane, Bayburt, Rize, Erzurum, Artvin

 Provinces: There are 32 provinces within important bird areas

Surface Area : 1.230.000

Altitude : 0 - 3932 m

Protection: partially 

Bird Species: It gains important bird areas status with sakallı akbaba (20 pairs), kızıl akbaba (20 pairs), kara akbaba (10 pairs), kaya kartalı (10 pairs), huş tavuğu (all Turkey population is within these important bird areas) and ürkeklik populations. These important bird areas including seven regions had been investigated during a research performed in 1993, and a total of 134 mature male huş tavuğu had been determined within six of them. When narrowness of the researched area and wideness of appropriate life environments are considered, it can be deemed that total number of huş tavuğu population within important bird areas exceeds 1000 pairs. But, discover of various important new immigration valley recently is showing that these numbers can be much more than deemed. Due to representation of Eurasia High Mountainous (Alpine) biomes within Turkey by Eastern Black Sea Mountains, it is the only area which gained important bird areas status.

Main Characteristics: Forest, mountain, immigration pass




Registered Immobile Cultural and Natural Heritages in Erzurum 


Archaeological Sites: 17 
Urban Sites: 1 
Natural Sites: 4 
Historical Sites: 1

Other Sites

Historical and Archaeological Sites: 1 
Total: 24 
Cultural (at Single Construction Scale) and Natural 
Heritages: 326

TOTAL: 350 


Rafting: The Çoruh River flowing at the border of the İspir District of Erzurum is among the most suitable rivers for rafting. Çoruh attracts the tourists by its deep canyons and hundreds of tourists come to visit these canyons. The World Rafting Championship was arranged at Çoruh River in 1993. 

Trekking: The daily trekking activities are arranged for foreign and local tourists at the Dumlu Mountains which are at the south of Erzurum. After three hours of walking, the participants of this trekking activity reach to the cold water spring of Karasu Creek(also called as Dumbu Baba) as one of the major branches of Rırat River. After a short rest at this location, the visitors make their return path from the Kırkgöze Village. Similar mountain trekking activities are carried on the Palandöken Mountains, which are to the south of Erzurum.

 Ski Centers: Palandöken Ski Resort, which is one of the major ski centers of Turkey is inside the borders of Erzurum Province. 

Ice Hockey: An olympic sized ice hockey arena of  3000 seat capacity is functional for everyone. 

Curling Arena: The unique olympic sized curlingg arene of Turkey is settled in Erzurum. The 1000 seat capacity curling are has 5 sheets and open for public access via club applications. 

Figure Skating: An olympic sized figure skating arena of 2000 seat capacity is always open for public access.

Short Track Speet Skating: An olympic sized short track speed skating arena  of 500 seat capacity is functional for everyone. 

Ski Jump Facilities: The highest ski jump towers of Europe is located in Erzurum within a sport complex. Ski jump towers of various heights, fitness center, Kule Cafe and Kule Hotel are the main parts of the ski jump complex. 

Palandöken Ski Center

Erzurum - Palandöken

Palandoken mountain has an altitude of 3185 m, and is south of Erzurum. This was the area of the first extensive study in the country looking at a master plan for tourism potential, which concluded that the area has the necessary potential and qualities to be a major international resort. Given the right facilities, it is estimated that 32,000 people could ski per day and could be the venue of international competitions and even Winter Olympics, giving job opportunities to around 6000 people.

 Arrival: There are daily flights from Ankara and Istanbul to Erzurum. The ski resort is 5km from the city centre, and 10 minutes from the airport. During the winter season, there are public buses from the ski resort to the city centre. 

Geography: Erzurum is one of the highest and coldest cities of Turkey, with a harsh terrestrial climate and covered with snow 150 days of a year, and an average annual snowfall of 2-3m. The dominant wind direction is southerly and westerly. The skiing area is at an altitude of 2200m – 3176m, and best time to ski is between 10 December - 10 May. 

Facilities: There are 4- and 5-star hotels with restaurants, and ski instruction and equipment rental services are available. The slopes here are among the longest and steepest in the world, each one up to 12km, giving a total length of around 28 km. With the altitude difference of 1000 metres between the start and finish line, Palandoken has two registered tracks for competitions of Slalom and grand Slalom. (Ejder Track and Kapikaya Track). There are five chair-lifts, one T-bar, two baby lifts and a gondola lift.


- Skiing at Palandöken, 

- A sightseeing via Kule Cafe,

-Visiting the Double Minaret (Madrasah) Theology School, Yakutiye (Madrasah) Theology School and museums 

- Rafting if you happen to go to İspir, 

- Visiting Tortum Waterfall and Lake  if you happen to go to Tortum, 

- Tasting Cağ kebap, su böreği ,ayran çorbası , kadayıf dolması 


Erzurum is connected to the neighboring provinces and to the other regions of the country by a network of highways, railways and air ways. 

Highway: The bus terminal is at the city center. Terminal Tel : (+90 - 442) 218 22 93 

Railway: The Railway Station is at the city center. Railway Station Tel: (+90 - 442) 234 95 38 

Air Transport: The Erzurum Airport is 10 km away from the city center. From Erzurum Airport, domestic and foreign flights are executed by the connection of Ankara.

Airport Tel: (+90 - 442) 327 28 35 


Eurodesk Erzurum : +90 (541) 850 06 70

Municipality :   +90(442) 344 10 00

Hospital : +90 (442) 344 66 66

Erzurum Ski Facilities: +90 (442) 317 08 04

Governorship : +90(442) 237 50 03-04  Fax: +90(442) 235 47 15

Provincial Immigration Office: +90 (442) 215 47 02

Police :  +90 (442) 235 12 99 – Fax: +90 (442) 233 15 59

Provincial Cultural Directorate

Tel: +90 (442) 218 68 80 - 218 48 90

Fax: +90 (442) 223 07 71

Cultural Centers

138 m² Exhibition Hall 225 m² Art - Sculpture Museum 380 m² Library 2 Art Workshops

State Art and Sculpture Gallery Directorate Cultural Center ERZURUM

Tel: +90 (442) 233 31 58

Fax: +90 (442)223 07 71


Erzurum Museum - Detailed Information Address: Yenişehir Cad. No:11 - Erzurum

Tel: +90(442) 218 14 06