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Recognition of Prior Learning

Turkish Students

At Erzurum Technical University, full-time students can be exempted from some courses within the framework of the related bylaws. If the content of the course previously taken in another institution is equivalent to the course offered at ETU, then the student can be exempted from this course with the approval of the related faculty/graduate school after the evaluation of the course content.

Erasmus Students

a)Outgoing Students

Before outgoing students are departing, the " recognition sheet A" is prepared by using the course study plan in the learning agreement of the student and full academic recognition is confirmed by Erzurum Technical University.

Full academic recognition means that the study period abroad (including examinations or other forms of assessment) replaces a comparable period of study at Erzurum Technical University (including examinations or other forms of assessment).

The ECTS credits to be gained at host institution are guaranteed. Good communication and flexibility are also needed to facilitate the academic recognition of studies completed or taken abroad. In this respect the ECTS coordinators have an important role to play as their main task is to deal with the academic and administrative aspects of ECTS.

After completion of the studies abroad  " Recognition Sheet B " is prepared by the departmental coordinator by taking into account the information on 'Transcript of Records' provided by the host institution. The below table is used to convert ECTS grades to the grades used at ETU.

---- buraya not dönüşüm tablosu gelecek

b)Incoming Students

The ECTS transcript of records which shows students' learning achievements in a way which is comprehensive, is prepared for incoming students after completion of the study at Erzurum Technical University. The ECTS credits gained and the ECTS grades awarded are documented in Transcript of Records follows the model on ECTS rules.