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General Admission Requirements


In order to study in an associate (2-year, short cycle) or undergraduate program (4-year, first cycle) in a higher education institution in Turkey, students have to take a university entrance exam administered by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) and the students are placed by the same exam administering center (ÖSYM) to the universities according to the score they get from this examination.


In Turkey, the universities have the right to define the admission criteria themselves and these admission criteria have to be approved by Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK). At ETU, international students are accepted to undergraduate programs according to the score of one of the international exams they take such as SAT,ACT etc. or according to their high school diploma score. After the application procedure ends, they are evaluated in the framework of the quota determined by the university and the enrollment procedure is finalized.

In order to study at one of the undergraduate (4-year) programs of ETU, international students have to submit one of the exam scores/diploma grades as indicated here in the link that gives details about admission of foreign students.


Exchange students are accepted to ETU in the framework of the bilateral agreements (Erasmus or general cooperation protocol) signed by both ETU and the partner higher education institution. According to the requirements or conditions stated in the protocol, exchange students can enroll for the courses offered at ETU and study one or two semester.