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About ETU

Erzurum Technical University (ETU) was founded as the second state university directly supported by the government with the decision dated 21.07.2010 and numbered 27648 published in Official Journal.

Besides being the second state university founded in Erzurum city, ETU bears the title of being the sixth technical university in Turkey, and the unique one of the East Anatolian Region.

ETU started to accept students 2 years following its foundation. First, Faculties of Engineering and Architecture, Science, Economics and Administrative Sciences started their academic education.

In the upcoming years, Faculty of Letters became active to accept students.

Dormitories of Credit and Dormitories Agency (KYK) were built both within the campus area and out of campus and ready to use for our students.

Since its foundation, ETU has taken charge of being a research center on high technology by contributing to spread of information to all the layers of the society and region, being constantly in touch with the society and keeping pace with the latest technological developments throughout the world.

In connection with this role, to contribute much to the development of science and technology, to put signature to both national and international significant projects, to do research devoted to the solution of the socio-economic of the country, and to raise individuals who have scientific point of view, high level of artistic and cultural value, freethinking and have moral values are the main objectives of ETU.

ETU also gives paramount importance to raise academics who contribute much to the academic quality of the country on both national and international levels.